Top 5 Necklaces For Every Friend In Your Gang

July 22, 2021 2 min read

Top 5 Necklaces For Every Friend In Your Gang

Friendship season is here and you might be wondering what to gift your best friend or the girls gang. So, we, at Jewel Panda have picked some perfect necklaces that represent your beautiful and long-lasting friendship. 

Keep reading this blog to find out the best pick for your best friend.

To Seven Years & Beyond



People say that if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it’s most likely to last for a lifetime. So, gift this Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace to a friend who has walked the troubled waters and smooth waves with you; Gift this to that special friend who has walked the path with you and stayed by your side when nobody else did. 

They are your infinity, so keep them close with this infinity necklace.

To That Solitaire Queen Of Your Life



Gift this gorgeous necklace with solitaire zirconia stone to the one best friend who makes you shine like a star. We have that one friend who always cheers us the most and is the happiest for our achievements. Most often, the same friend will defend you when nobody else did. This friend deserves stunning jewelry.

To That Sunshine Friend



You’ll definitely have a friend who makes you feels as warm as the Sun… If you’re thinking of one of your friends then gift them this Sunflower Locket Necklace. The text is hidden inside the Sunflower petals. She can wear the pendant as a whole sunflower or as side petals.

To That Angel In The Gang



Don’t we all have a friend who loves and guards us like an angel from heaven? You go to her for every good and bad thing that has happened to you. Get her this sterling silver angel necklace and see her face glistening with joy.

To That Wanderlust Friend



Here’s the Boho multilayer necklace with a worldmap. Gift this chic necklace to your friend who’s ambitious and will make this world a better place. The wide variety of Gold plated necklaces gives the Boho vibes to the courageous and dazzling person of your gang. 


If you’re planning to gift her any of these, then view our store here and celebrate this friendship day with Jewel Panda!


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